Starting with a Flashback Starting with a flashback is an option, but it might not be the best option for you. It just doesn’t make sense when looked at critically, particularly in opening. You can’t have a flashback to a storyline if you haven’t established a present situation or circumstance. This is totally different from prologues, which are acceptable, and care should be taken not to confuse the two. For a flashback to be more realistic, there has to be an already established circumstance that Read More +

5 Tips for Writing the First Ten Pages of a Movie Script

The first ten pages of your screenplay are crucial and you must have a great first scene that draws in the reader/viewer? However, for authors who want to adapt their book or novel into a movie script, this is often the most challenging part because novels are slower paced, longer, and not as visual. The world of film making and movie production is so competitive that industry experts as well as audiences judge movie scripts and movies by the first few pages/minutes. This means that Read More +